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How to start the Spiritual Motherhood/ Adoration Cenacle for Priests Apostolate in your diocese:

  • Pray to the Blessed Mother for her intercession and guidance
  • Ask St Joseph as Guardian of the Universal Church to guard your team, spiritual mothers, adorers and priests
  • Meet with the Bishop to explain the desire of the laity to cover all priests and seminarians in prayer. Ask for a letter of endorsement to all pastors to help facilitate implementation.
  • Bring the Vatican document (Eucharistic Adoration for the Sanctification of Priests and Spiritual Maternity) for confirmation of the Church’s desire for implementation.
  • If necessary, have examples of other diocesan programs by using this website and the links provided.
  • Obtain a list of all priests and seminarians (both diocesan and religious) in the diocese, their addresses, dates of ordination and birth dates.
  • Try to obtain link with diocese to ensure notification when a priest moves or if a priest dies, so the spiritual mother can be notified.
  • Determine which parishes already have adoration programs in your diocese so that you can request one hour specifically for priests.
  • Make list of all other parishes to try to have at least a weekly hour implemented specifically for priests.
  • Form a team of prayer warriors to support other team members (volunteers) who will help with website changes, writing, printing, communicating, promoting, raising funds, soliciting adorers, meeting with pastors and any administrative details. It would be helpful to have a priest on the team.
  • When ready, insert an article in your diocesan newspaper so that adorers and spiritual mothers can be representative of the entire diocese.
  • Once Spiritual Mothers and Adoration Cenacles are in place celebrate Mass and reception with all mothers and adorers present to form a community and strengthen their commitment.
  • Praise God for his Grace and Mercy to his Church!

Diocese of Tyler, TX

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