What do Spiritual Mothers do?

Let us live for souls, let us be apostles, let us save especially the souls of priests….Let us pray, let us suffer for them, and, on the last day Jesus will be grateful.” St. Therese of Lisieux (Eucharistic Adoration For the Sanctification of Priests and Spiritual Maternity, pg 30).

Spiritual mothers, united with priests will:

  • Take priests as their sons by Spiritual Adoption

  • Pray that priests will be holy, that they become SAINTS

  • Pray that they will be conformed to Christ the Eternal High Priest

  • Pray that they will have the humility to allow Christ to work through them in every moment

  • Pray that they will be good Spiritual Fathers

  • Love priests as their very own sons

  • Carry them in their hearts

  • Recognize holy priests make holy people of God

  • If her priest falls she does not abandon him but prays and sacrifices all the more so that he, like the prodigal son, may return to his Father

See www.familyvocations.org, “Spiritual Motherhood,” p.16

A potential Spiritual Mother should prayerfully consider whether she is called by God for this service. Once a woman feels called to commit to be a spiritual mother for a priest/ seminarian:

  • She fills out the form on the website

  • She completes the Spiritual Mother commitment form

  • She promises to pray/ sacrifice for the rest of her life for her spiritual son

  • She is randomly matched with a name through the guidance of the Holy Spirit

  • She commits to never revealing the name of her son to anyone

  • She sends a card (which initially will be provided to her) each year to her son both on his birthday and on his ordination anniversary

  • She signs the card anonymously --Your Spiritual Mother to remind him she is standing in for his heavenly mother, Mary.

  • She places a return address on the envelope,but no name

  • She places a sealed envelope in her Will with the name of her son in it, so her family member can advise her priest who she was when she dies to enable him to attend her funeral or pray for her soul.

  • She will be advised if her priestly son is moved.

  • She will be given a “two hearts” bracelet as a reminder to pray for her priest each day and to recognize other committed spiritual mothers. These duties of this commitment do not bind under sin. They are performed after her own call to holiness and duties of her state in life.

Suggested daily prayer for a Spiritual Mother for her Spiritual Son and for all priests:

Lord Jesus, at the Last Supper you instituted the priesthood of your New Covenant to perpetuate your sacrifice on Calvary and thereby provide us your dear Body and Blood so that we might commune with you for all eternity. Dearest Jesus, I pray for all your priests and ask your mother to protect them. United Hearts, Jesus and Mary especially protect this priest (silently say spiritually adopted son’s name) for whom I pray. Amen.
Ref: Rev. Joseph Vanderholt Ordination: 6/1/68

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