Adoration Cenacles

The term Cenacle or “upper room” is the place where Jesus gathered on the night of the Last Supper to celebrate the Passover meal (Mk 14:15). It is also where Christ appeared after His Resurrection to the disciples (Lk 24:33) and where the Holy Spirit descended at Pentecost (Acts 2:1)

A cenacle is a gathering of the faithful for the purpose of prayer in imitation of Mary and the Apostles in the upper room.

The Vatican Document urges all diocesan Bishops…” to take an active role and promote…true and proper cenacles in which clerics, religious and lay people—united amongst themselves in the spirit of true communion—may devote themselves to prayer, in the form of continuous Eucharistic adoration…”  (Eucharistic Adoration For the Sanctification of Priests and Spiritual Maternity pg 7) (emphasis added). These cenacles of Adoration are specifically for praying for priests and vocations. The two-pronged approach taken by the Congregation for the Clergy, Spiritual Motherhood, as well as, Adoration Cenacles, allows for participation of both men and women in this important movement for strengthening of priests at this time. The Adoration Cenacles for Priests involves the faithful coming together in prayer for one hour in front of the Eucharist specifically for sanctification and fortification of priests. This activity is suggested for every parish in the diocese on a weekly basis.

The Serra Clubs, which focus on priestly vocations and support for the priesthood, are suggested, to help work toward the goal of obtaining consent from each parish to participate in some form of Adoration program for priests.

A Bishop can help Serra in this endeavor by writing a letter of endorsement to encourage pastors to be open to implementing an Adoration Cenacle program in their parish.

What is Adoration?

Eucharistic Adoration is when the Blessed Sacrament is exposed, and people can adore Christ, who is truly present – body, blood, soul, and divinity – under the appearance of the consecrated Eucharistic host. The vessel holding the host is called a monstrance, which is usually placed on the altar during Adoration. In Eucharistic adoration, we are not just thinking about God, we are with God! It is hard to believe, but it’s true. God, Who loves us more than we can comprehend desires personal time with us. “Come to me, all you that labor, and I will give you rest, says the Lord.”

How To Adore the Lord During Eucharistic Adoration:

  • Pray for an increase in vocations to the priesthood

  • Pray for the sanctification and fortification of priests

  • Pray for various intentions, such as the well being of family members and friends

  • Pray the rosary. (United to the Heart of Mary through the rosary, you make a perfect holy hour because you love Jesus with the perfect love of Mary.)

  • Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy

  • Bring something to read or read the Bible

  • Use the time to give thanks for all the gifts, blessings and graces in your life

  • Prayerfully listen and receive his blessings

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